How do you like "brutal" days?

How much income is lost when you have to reschedule procedures?
How consistent is your client experience when you are missing a key staff member?

Imagine operating full speed ahead - even on short notice - without picking up the phone.
Keep your hospital operating smoothly and professionally every day.
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Tax Planning and tips

Tax time is approaching. The dreaded time of receipts, excel spreadsheets and of course writing the cheque to “the man”. If you are a locum or self employed business you might have a system that works for you to track your expenses, invoices and mileage. How’s it working for you?  Are there any changes you

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Holiday Treats

I love a vet clinic during the holidays.  My willpower evaporates with all the amazing treats that sit in the staff room.  Homemade goodies, delicious chocolates, holidays are the time when you realize what a difference you are making in your pet parents’ lives by taking care of their family members. With the holidays comes

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