Are you tired of “brutal” days?

Do your staff complain about working for 2 when a colleague calls in sick?
Are your customers constantly on hold or waiting for service because you are swamped?
Have you ever cancelled a procedure or appointment due to staff woes?
How much money did you lose?
How many clients did you lose?
You might have to spend 10 hours on the phone calling around to find a replacement and nobody returns your calls!

Can you imagine if your hospital was appropriately staffed, every day, even at short notice with competent candidates?

Canada Locum helps busy veterinary managers go from lengthy phone searches for candidates to easy, instant access to a list of candidates who are eager to work, even for a same day shift.  We help qualified veterinary professionals find work in their local area – either long term or temporary extra income (Taylor Swift concert, special date, winter vacation…)

10 minutes is all it takes to list an ad, less if you save your hospital preferences.  No commitments, contracts or exclusion periods!  Stop chasing candidates with voice mails and emails, let the available, qualified and motivated candidates come to you.

My name is Caroline Brookfield, DVM. I have been a small animal locum since I graduated in 1997.  I continually see staff burnout and unhappy clients as a result of low staffing. Even worse, I have seen hospitals cancel lucrative procedures and appointments, leading to unhappy clients and lost revenue, because of support staff shortages.  My story starts one week when I got multiple calls to see if I would work a desirable week in August. I was already booked, and every veterinarian I spoke with asked if I knew anyone else who could work that week. I realized that finding locums was way harder than it had to be. I could hear the frustration of the vets and practice managers who were spending hours on the phone, stressed out that they might not get coverage for their vacation.  Good managers who knew that their staff vacation was important but unsure as to how they would manage while their staff member was away.

I knew there were qualified locums who just weren’t on the regular lists.  I wanted to help vets take a vacation, or allow their staff vacations, without stress, so in 2008 I started Canada Locum.    You can also read my published articles on veterinary locums in CVJ and Dogs in Canada, and in Canadian Vet magazine.

We have exclusive resources based on research and my personal 12 years of experience to help you navigate finding a temporary replacement for your practice. If you are frustrated with finding staff, and you’re ready for a change, then you’re in the right place.  Check out our published articles and our blog for more articles.  Contact me directly if you are looking for individual attention, either to build your locum practice or hiring great temporary staff.

Let us show you how we can help you keep your staff and clients happy, as we have done for veterinary clinics across Canada since 2008.

If you never need staff, or if you find perfect staff falling from the sky at just the right time, then Canada Locum might not be for you.

If you aren’t sure if you need us then you probably do!  Please try us out, for a limited time use free2015 for a free ad for 30 days.

Thanks for stopping by, Caroline.


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