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How do you like "brutal" days?

How much income is lost when you have to reschedule procedures?
How consistent is your client experience when you are missing a key staff member?

Imagine operating full speed ahead - even on short notice - without picking up the phone.
Keep your hospital operating smoothly and professionally every day.
Canada Locum offers access to qualified, local candidates in a click.

Job Seekers! Feel free to secretly browse jobs without any contract or sign up.
Apply directly to jobs that fit your schedule, at your discretion.
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Tax Planning and tips

Tax time is approaching. The dreaded time of receipts, excel spreadsheets and of course writing the cheque to “the man”. If you are a locum or self employed business you might have a system that works for you to track your expenses, invoices and mileage. How’s it working for you?  Are there any changes you

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“Thinking about finding a locum for the first time was a bit nerve racking but after being introduced to our fears started to subside. The layout was extremely easy to use, smooth entry of dates, what we were looking for etc and only took a few minutes. The cost was also very
reasonable for a post that would also be shared to social media platforms and in the end we found a great fit for our practice. We trusted the locum we found through this site implicitly while we were away and have had positive feedback that has allowed us to keep her on board even now. ”

Danielle Rowe, DVM and Davin Rowe

Nolan Hill Veterinary Hospital
Calgary, AB